About Us


This free website is designed to address the needs on the workshop floor.

There are no pop ups demanding subscription upgrades ever


  • Find your Machine G-codes, M-codes, Alarms
  • To create machine setup sheets.
  • To create documents that is informative for operators and setters.
  • Using Wifi or Smart phone or Tablet for easy access at all times on the shop floor

Machine types

  1. Lathes (Horizontal, Vertical, Swiss, Hobby)
  2. Machining Centres (Horizontal, Vertical)
  3. Millturn
  4. Punch Press and combinations
  5. Cutting (Laser, Plasma, Water, etc.)
  6. Benders
  7. Moulding
  8. Shears
  9. Routers

Search for your alarms and codes

Codes and Alarms that are related to your make and model of machines

  • G-Codes
  • M-Codes
  • Alarms


Add tooling descriptions to your machine library

How we require the data

With cooperation from Manufacturers and Users we collect data and place it on the website for all to use.

Misetup Schedule

  • Simple Machine/part scheduling system is provided.
  • Communicate to your fellow colleagues what parts are necessary or required in priority order.
  • Great communication for shift workers.
  • Simple and easy to use.

Future Developements

  • Apps for easy access to your information